Supermarket Art Fair

SUPERMARKET is an international artist-run art fair that provides a showcase of artists' initiatives from all over the world with the aim to display their projects and ideas, create opportunities for new networks on the Swedish and international art scene, and share the vitality and relentless creativity unique to this sphere of the art world. SUPERMARKET 2018 brings a wide range of international artists’ initiatives from countries such as Russia, Iceland, Tanzania and many more.
SUPERMARKET has been organised as an annual event since 2007 by a small group of art organisers, most of whom are also artists themselves. SUPERMARKET had developed from Minimarket, which was held at Konstnärshuset in 2006 in reaction to then newly established commercial art fair Market.
Initiated and organised by artists, this project has rapidly evolved from comprising a modest group of local initiatives to a full-fledged international art fair that has made its mark and helped to firmly establish Stockholm on the contemporary art world map.

Every year SUPERMARKET has featured exhibitors from 20–30 countries, all part of a growing international trend of artist-run galleries, project spaces, artist collectives and other artists' initiatives. This year over 200 artists will contribute to an extensive programme of exhibitions, performances, moderated discussions and seminars. The fair also features the third year of our successful Professional Networking Participants programme (PNP) and our internationally distributed Supermarket Art Magazine.
Artist-run spaces from Europe and Scandinavia will be represented alongside initiatives from Georgia, Iran, South Africa, Canada, and the USA. New exhibitors from Slovakia are HotDock Project Space and Photoport, and from Luxembourg, the Musel Link association.

SUPERMARKET 2018 is proud to showcase three Russian initiatives this year – Elektrozavod from Moscow, Dom Gruzchika from Perm, and Gallery ч9 from Murmansk, the very northwest of the Russian Federation. Amongst other first-time exhibitors are the Artist-Run Alliance from Israel, Durden and Ray from Los Angeles, Storm and Drunk from Madrid, Ekkisens Art Space from Iceland, SAW gallery from Canada, and many more.

The overarching theme of SUPERMARKET 2018 is ‘Legacy: Who Will Survive And What Will be Left of Them?’. It discusses the heritage of art and the fleeting nature of human legacy, the issues of sustainability of the artist-run art scene, or the impact that artists have as individuals.

Mässan är publik och öppen för allmänheten under tre dagar 12–15 april.
Adress och öppettider Supermarket 2018:
Slakthus 5, Slakthusområdet, Stockholm.
12–15 april
Torsdag–Lördag 11–20
Söndag 11–18

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