Vernissage Friday March 13th 6pm-9pm - PERFORMANCE (Time TBC –see for details. )

Dreams & Dimensions/Drömmar och dimensioner - an immersive exhibition of Jenny Soep and Maja Svensdotter’s paper-based work, in different layers of reality and fantasy.

In Jenny Soep’s installation #WakingThoughts, the artist explores catharsis, daily ritual, ‘being human’ and post-digital creativity, simulating her personal space for reflection, instantaneous creation and the need for affirmation. Jenny’s artwork is a collection of daily drawings made with a simple set of rules and materials, carried out in a certain structure. Two performances will be made during the vernissage on Friday the 13th April, and the finissage for Kulturnatt on 21st April.
‘Utvikta Universum’ or ‘Unfolding Universes’ by Maja Svensdotter, are more detailed and time-lengthy artworks. Using coloured papers, printed material and scissors to create multiple-layers, silhouettes and symmetrically cut shapes, Maja investigates her own reality in its layers, contexts and dimensions. Each artwork has it’s own cosmology. Both artists use the simple and fragile medium of paper to explore the intangible yet weighty thoughts that occupy the mind.

Detroit, Stockholm' is an artist-run collective that provides a free platform for artists from various disciplines. From nomadic performance art festivals, music and art happenings to various multimedia exhibitions. We provide a free platform and project space for international guest artists as well as our own members.

Opening Hours
Sat 14 April –Sun 15 April
12:00 – 16:00

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