Haute Photographie Stockholm

Centered around a group exhibition, Haute Photographie Stockholm presents an array of artists ranging from the grand masters of photography to the most exciting names working with the medium today – with all artworks being available for purchase. In addition to the group exhibition, two focus exhibitions will offer a detailed look at the past and future of photography. The Vintage Show will present vintage artworks from the collections of the participating galleries, bringing together key names from the history of the medium. As a nod to the roots of the fair, The Talent Exhibition will give Dutch photography talents a platform to present their work abroad.

“We are making a conscious break with the traditional art fair setting by offering the visitors a museum-like group exhibition instead of a sometimes exhausting maze of booths. The 9 international galleries have all liaised with the curatorial team of the fair to discuss the content they are presenting, resulting in an inviting experience for the visitors. I am thrilled to say Haute Photographie will make its Stockholm debut in April 2018.”, says Roy Kahmann, initiator of Haute Photographie.

Like the previous editions in Rotterdam, Haute Photographie Stockholm will be a meeting place for artists, curators, collectors – both young and experienced – and anyone with a genuine love for photography.

Fotografiska Stockholm is not only the world’s most esteemed museum dedicated to the world of photography. The concept also contains an internationally awarded restaurant elected “the Museum Restaurant of the Year 2017”, as well as inspiring event spaces, an acclaimed academy and a shop featuring an extensive selection of photographic books. Haute Photographie is an international photography fair with a refreshing take on the fair format. Initiated by Roy Kahmann, director of Kahmann Gallery, publisher of GUP Magazine and a long-term advocate of photography in the Netherlands, Haute was officially launched as part of Art Rotterdam Week in February 2017. The fair takes a carefully curated exhibition as its starting point, which provides a fascinating look at photography as a fine art medium. Together, Fotografiska and Haute Photographie has invited 8 international galleries to take part, showcasing artworks by nearly 50 artists in total during Stockholm Art Week.
“Interest in photographic art is experiencing palpable growth in a number of segments. Not just the most exclusive works, but also across the wider market. A steadily increasing number of people are attracted to this art form, as an investment and because more and more choose to express themselves through the photographic art on their walls. Fotografiska is in many ways a driver of this development and puts photography on the international map and art scene. Which this collaboration with Haute Photographie is an excellent example of,” says Per Broman, founder of Fotografiska and CEO of Fotografiska Stockholm.

Opening hours 10-15 April 2018
Haute Photographie Stockholm
Thur-Sat 10.00-19.00
Sun 10.00-16.00

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