Exhibition: Gabriella Loeb, Trigger–Happy

“Damaged people are dangerous. They know they can survive.” —Damage, Josephine Hart (1991)

There is this idea that karma will be on your side if you are good—that if you abide by The Golden Rule (do unto others as you would have them do unto you), then you will not be harmed and will live a prosperous life. But as time and experience shows, a controlled life is often interrupted by chaos or some conflicting agenda. As response to this minefield—where friends turn to foes, where lovers walk away with best friends—many become skilled at altering, assimilating, adapting. All of which are coping mechanisms: tools for survival. American-Swedish artist Gabriella Loeb hunts for a medium which resonates and affirms empowerment. She wavers between diverse materials in search of a compatible expression for a determined emotion or stealthy inclination all her own; yet, like all artists, she does not escape influence or history. In savoring the instinctual and visceral, manipulating objects and embracing unruly methods, she refuses to accommodate.
Reminiscent of the hyper-embellished 18th century Rococo style coined during the end of the Baroque period, to an extent, Loeb appropriates certain stylistic principles into her singular practice, such as: theatricality, illusion and saturation. The artist alludes to the inherently deceptive nature of presentation, where the boundary between the real and fake remains suspect. What is real if no proof exists? What is fake if the object in question possesses the same qualities as its authentic counterpart? What will become the extreme disappointment? Reality—or the dream? So as to not be paralyzed by the overwrought histrionics bleeding from an unstable world, let us dismantle the male gaze, opting instead to exalt the wiles of queens, sirens and nymphs. —Jacquelyn Davis

Högbergsgatan 24, 11620 Stockholm

Opening Hours
Thursday / Friday, 12pm–6pm
Saturday / Sunday, 12pm–4pm

skomakeriet is a contemporary art gallery located on Södermalm in Stockholm. We exhibit works from emerging as well as established artists with a focus on the former.
Trigger–Happy by Gabriella Loeb, which opens during Stockholm Art Week, will be our 8th show since we opened in the spring of 2017.

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