Exhibition: Emerging artists

From graffiti to body shapes, oil paintings, abstract art and musical references, Tictail & HOBO are proud to present the work of five emerging artists. Throughout the full week of Stockholm Art Week, visitors can view a curated selection of works from John Beijer, Thomas OKOK Gunnarsson, Nadine Schjölin / NASCH, Rebecca Brood and Alice Herbst – with all artworks available for purchase at the exhibition and tictail.com.

Through a shared focus on community-building and supporting artists from a variety of fields, this exhibition aims at showcasing emerging art in an inclusive way. Visitors are welcome any day of the week, at any hour, to explore the art which will be incorporated in HOBO Hotels restaurant.

The exhibition is spread out on two floors, at the entrance in connection to the restaurant and in the space "Space BY" next to the entrance as well as in the bar "femman" above the restaurant.

Opening hours: 24-7
Hobo Hotel Stockholm
10th – 15th

Contact information for all artist can be found at the exhibition.

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