24-hour screening for An Opera in Eight Acts by Benjamin Orlow

The 24-hour military-opera, set in realtime, condenses Orlow's entire experience while conscripted in the Finnish army into one single day.
The work explores the concept of patriotism, individ¬uality as well as the notion of national identity in today's fluctuating global society.
It opens up an otherwise closed and secretive institution from a first person perspective, making the rigid and disciplined experience both relatable and personal.

Finlandsinstitutet presents a full 24-hour screen¬ing making it possible to see the entire work at once, between Friday the 12th (at 3PM) and Saturday the 13th (at 3PM) of April. A light evening snack and breakfast will be provided. If you are planning to stay for the full duration, we recommend you bring a sleeping bag.

Benjamin Orlow (1984) is a Fennoswedish artist based in London. His work has recently been shown at the ICA London, Kunsthalle Munster, Fahrenheit Los Angeles, The Tetley in Leeds, Phoenix in Leicester, Galleri Sinne in Helsinki and Hordaland Kunstcenter in Norway.

15/3-13/4 2019

Tues-Wed 11-18, Thurs 11-17, Fri-Sat 11-15
Snickarbacken 4, Stockholm

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