Opening: Reflection by Anne Terselius Claridge

Galleri Eklund proudly presents Reflection, its second solo exhibition with Anne Terselius Claridge. The exhibition features abstract paintings in oil and acrylic with a dynamic expression and vibrant colours.

Anne Terselius Claridge creates large-scale, abstract oil paintings in which the colour application at a first glance might appear chaotic. However, a distinctive order or rhythm soon emerges in her works - where the colours, forms and patterns together vibrate in aesthetic harmony. It is precisely this tension between dissonance and harmony, or between pulse and rest, that creates an inherent dynamic force in Terselius Claridge's paintings. The artist clearly also makes a point of not allowing her work to become too graceful; as she uses a cloth to smudge various areas of paint, and scrapes others or paints over them in deliberately sullied colours.
Galleri Eklund was founded in Stockholm in 2010. Since then, the main focus of the gallery has been to promote emerging talents who are based in Sweden. The gallery represents artists that create eye-catching works in a wide range of media, such as painting, photography, sculpture and mixed media. In 2015, Galleri Eklund moved to its current location on Karlavägen 15 in central Stockholm, where the gallery presents nine exhibitions a year.

Image Caption: Anne Terselius Claridge,The Plain of Sharon, oil on canvas, 100 x 100 cm

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