Artist Talk: Jesper Waldersten

An Artist Talk in Fotografiskas Studio will be held by Jesper Waldersten at Saturday 13th of April 17.00-18.00 followed by book signing.
The Head teacher at Fotografiskas Academy, Göran Segeholm, will moderate the intriguing talk about the current exhibition Waldersten All Over (8th March-9th June). Jesper Waldersten, one of Sweden’s most interesting and daring artists, has made a new leap and moved in Fotografiska’s biggest exhibition hall with more than 250 pieces of art with focus on photography and film, and a wall of sketches. With his sharp and characteristic black humour, he points out important questions about where we all are headed. Is he insinuating that it's already all over or that Waldersten is all over the place? Probably both, actually…
After the Artist Talk you can just stay and hang out in our great Studio with bar and DJ, all very relaxed and inclusive.

Fotografiska is one of the world’s largest venues for photography. No ordinary museum, Fotografiska is an international meeting place with inspiring world-class photography exhibitions at its heart with 20-25 exhibitions every year. Since the opening nine years ago we have now presented 180 exhibitions. Fotografiska is a force of positive influence on society, inspiring a more conscious world. Fotografiska’s mission is to make accessible both established and cutting-edge photography, for knowledge and to experience the infinite expressions and meanings of photography.
In line with this, our prize winning food and beverage offer focuses on being zero waste, sustainable and organic. The kitchen serves a menu turned on its head, with vegetables taking centre stage and meat or fish featuring as added extra's as opposed to being the star.

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