Opening: Johan Jonsson


Johan Jonsson is showcasing a part of his work entitled Corporatopia. This is a long-term ongoing project exploring malicious utopian corporate thinking.

In Corporatopia success, growth and maximum profitability are a few of most highly valued qualities.

With the absence of any ethical considerations, he is prospecting and exploiting possibilities of profit around the theory of human caused global warming. The project presents a commentary on the blurring lines between corporate responsibility and the profit interest of corporations.

This theme is explored through a series of photographs, an exhibit of visual imagery of aesthetically unified sweatshop like assembly lines. And, a lineup of finished functional artifacts and products each of which are related to this profit based utopian idea.

Products/objects that by its own existence, in theory, would create an exponential growing virtuous cycle or cyclic addiction depending on the perspective from which it is seen, and which are all a part of his own fictitious corporate agenda.

Image caption: Johan Jonsson, Assembly Line

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