Guided Tour: Here's looking at you

"Here’s looking at you" curated by one of the world’s foremost cinematographers, Hoyte van Hoytema.

The exhibition feature 199 photographs by 98 photographers selected by Hoytema from the Hasselblad Foundation Collection. The starting point for the exhibition is the human gaze and the intimate and dynamic relationship that builds between the viewer and the subject in view. The photographs are arranged in an order depending on whether there is eye contact or not. Thereby, a dynamic and experimental interplay is created, where the portrayed eyes alternate between confronting and avoiding the beholder. The way that Hoyte van Hoytema explores the human gaze in this exhibition is meant to be experienced, not simply viewed! The exhibition features works from for instance Cindy Sherman, Nan Goldin, Lars Tunbjörk, Christer Strömholm, Denise Grünstein, Johannes Samuelsson and Agnes Thor.

Open guided tours Wed, Fri, Sun

In its multi-leveled exhibition hall the museum presents a variety lineup of contemporary and classical art exhibitions. The permanent collection of artwork is uniquely on display in a replica of Sven-Harry’s former home. From the 360 degree rooftop terrace you can experience a wonderful view of Stockholm. Enjoy a lunch or a glass of wine at the modern food café and visit the museum shop for gifts.

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