Spring Exhibition

Åmells was founded in 1920 and is world leading within Scandinavian Fine Art. Our gallery in Stockholm is an established meeting place for anyone wanting to acquire quality art. We are specialized in Scandinavian Fine Art from the 18th Century up until today, and offer paintings, sculpture, photography, and contemporary art. Every year, we present a number of curated exhibitions in our gallery with works of art, all for sale.

Åmells’ traditional Spring Exhibition encompasses nearly 50 artworks by Nordic artists active during 1820-1970. In this year’s Spring Exhibition we are showcasing two irresistible watercolors by John Bauer alongside works by some of the most significant Swedish Modern painters, such as Sigrid Hjertén, Nils Dardel, Dick Beer and Ragnar Sandberg. One of the most outstanding classical artworks of the exhibition is the monumental Hypatia by Julius Kronberg, depicting one of antiquity’s most genius females.

Image Caption: John Bauer, The musician kisses the Madonna’s bare foot, water colour, pencil and opaque white, 27 x 28,5 cm, signed and dated JOHN BAUER 1915.

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