Artist Talk: Erik Jeor

Opening Wednesday: 17–19PM
Artist Talk: 18.00PM

Nordiska Galleriet Art is an independent art space. We host over twelve exhibitions each year presenting the works of renown Swedish and international artists. We also operate as art advisers to companies as well as private art collectors.

Double take
Beginning a painting, Erik Jeor does not fix its ending, and shuns any plan as to how the painting will look in its final state. This element of experimentation is escalating: “Lately, I have been combining colours and details in new ways... The Icône series, which I’m returning to, requires enormous concentration.”
The Icône series touches on Erik Jeor’s faith, a complicated journey which remains a key part of his life. He regularly takes breaks in his painting to pray.
Embracing the German phrase ”in der Ruhe liegt die Kraft”, Erik harnesses “Lingering as a method. Lingering allows us to contemplate, to be there rather than to rush.“ Contemplation, prayerful or otherwise is an impetus to his work, slowing him down for the next phase of action.
This combination of action and contemplation means that the intention and mood of each painting has to be carefully deliberated on, even if the ending is not decided in advance. Choosing to spend time with a painting is like choosing to spend time with a friend. Erik Jeor approaches his paintings in this way.

/Nicholas Stephens for Galerie Ora-Ora in Hong Kong

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