Public Opening: LA Dreams 2

CFHILL is an independent art gallery founded in 2016. We host over fifteen ex- hibitions each year presenting the works of renown Swedish and international artists. We also operate as art advisers to compa- nies as well as private art collectors.

LA Dreams 2
Los Angeles, the dream factory, the pleas- ant climate, the light and the easy lifestyle. But also a fertile soil for a brave new gener- ation of American artists. This exhibition is the second in the LA Dreams series which focuses on bringing the best young Los Angeles based artists to Stockholm. Guest curator Melanie Lum has chosen a diverse group of six of the greatest and most promising young painters and sculptors from Los Angeles to create site specific works for this exhibition. Although young, these artists have exhibited internationally, are in prominent museum and foundation collections and their practices been written about in prestigious art publications. The six artists in LA Dreams 2 are: Lauren
Davis Fisher, Cassi Namoda, Alex Chaves, Justin Greene, Marisa Takal and
Huang Yanyan.

Public opening April 12th, 12–5PM.

Image caption: Fotograf Daniel Sahlberg, Konstnär Cassi Namoda

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