Exclusive Viewing: Nutida Auction

Our curator Ebba de Faire will show highlights from the auction including works by artists such as Alex Da Corte, Klara Lidén, Eddie Martinez Lena Cronqvist, Ilja Karilampi and Karin Broos.
Take this opportunity to see the most exclusive Contemporary Fine Art auction of the season with a personal tour and a glass of wine.
RSVP is mandatory, for attendance please email friend@stockholmartweek.com

Stockholms Auktionsverk was founded in 1674 and is the oldest auction house in the world still operating today. Stockholms Auktionsverk is a leading Nordic market- place for art, crafts and antiques from a variety of ages and styles. Pioneering with separate auctions for Contemporary Art, Stockholms Auktionsverk still has the leading position within this area.

The Nutida auction reflects a varied art scene that is happening right now, with a fresh generation of artists. This new generation is not held back by any geographic boundaries and are as comfortable in their home market as asserting themselves on the international arena. Several artists in the Nutida auction are educated at the highly esteemed Städelschule in Frankfurt, an institution where many of the new gen- eration of artists have laid the foundation for their artistic practice and strategies.

In the company of other distinguished peers and a more established group of artists that are being presented in this auction, they represent a very contempo- rary Stockholms Auktionsverk this season.
The Live Auction is held April 10th at 2-4 pm
Nybrogatan 32

Image caption: Curator Ebba de Faire holding her favorite piece from the auktion by Nikolas Gambaroff.

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