Exhibition: Peter Johansson, Barnatro

Established in 1978, Wetterling Gallery is today one of the leading galleries for con- temporary art in Scandinavia. The gallery’s ambition has developed towards providing a platform for international artists – well established as well as new coming - with an increasing emphasis on Swedish artists and with focus on painting, sculpture and photography.

Peter Johansson, Barnatro
Peter Johansson characterizes his artistic career as a thirty-year voyage of discovery investigating Swedish culture. In sculptures and installations, he has ruthlessly dissect- ed such Swedish phenomena as wooden painted horses from Dalecarlia, Falukorv, folk dancing and red timber cottages. Often treating these subjects from a tragicomic angle which seeks to distinguish the border between serious art and kitsch. Presented in the exhibition are five rooms, turned inside out, representing the artist’s family home. Theses rooms are accompanied by works based on photos from Peter Johans- son’s amily album. With his uncompromis- ing approach Peter Johansson takes onthe subject of sexual abuse and culture of silence in a highly personal way.

Opening hours during Stockholm Art Week:
Tue–Fri 10AM–6PM
Sat 12PM–4PM

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