Opening: Militza Monteverde / Tora Schultz Larsen

Opening | Militza Monteverde / Tora Schultz Larsen

Monteverde / Schultz Larsen's hybrids are sometimes elusive, sometimes weirdly familiar. The anthropocene era is buried and the metamorphic shapes are exposed as fragile convulsive symbols. In the joint between Ovidius and Jurassic Park, the sculptures mutually mutate towards a new spirituality willing to embrace the darkness. Remnants from a lost urban existence bleeds into the tactile presence of the dead material. Does the "fear of the unknown" become a more complex savagery when the machine's soul is manifested in its eyes?

— Elis Monteverde Burrau, mars 2019

April 10- April 14
Wed: 17-20
Thur-Fri: 16-20
Sat-Sun: 12-16

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