Limited Exhibition: SoftCity


Benedikte Bjerre, Frederik Egesborg, Julia Feyrer, Adam Gustafsson, Gustav Holm, Gabriel Karlsson, Lap-See Lam, Jin Mustafa, Hilde Retzlaff, John Smith, Joline Uvman

‘’I’d been in a space like this before, a place just like this, looking at the crack, a crack that had jutted and meandered in the same way as the one beside the mirror. There’d been that same crack, and a bathtub also, and a window directly above the taps just like there was in this room--only the window had been slightly bigger and the taps older, different. Out of the window there’d been roofs with cats on them. Red roofs, black cats.’’


Coyote is a artist-driven and mobile collective based in Stockholm. Coyote works with organizing minor events, exhibiton and happenings in the city that focuses on new forms of exhibiting and arranging art-related events.

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